Saturday, August 9, 2008

Another Week .... A GOOD Week!

Been really busy so its been difficult to post other than weekly.
This week was a GREAT week!!!
First, it was nice not to have the other class to work on. Only had to focus on one.
That class will be over with on Thursday!! So I have a few more days of hitting the books hard but its almost over with! YEAHHHH!!

Tuesday, I had some time to spend with good friends, couple drinks, & an EXCELLENT live band! GREAT stuff - 2 female singers - They were REALLY GOOD!
It was nice to be able to spend time with them & have fun! GOOD friends!

Working out - was able to get in some workouts! That was GREAT! Loved getting back in there! Took a Zumba class on Friday! That was FUN! Great Friday workout - something to break up the routine. Plus, I got to sharpen my dancing skills! That was the FUN part! Shakin' our hips, etc... I would definitely do it again.
Girl from work wants to meet at gym today - so that will be fun! Plus, get in a good workout!

Friend from my kickboxing class, who's a nutritionist & has tons of expertise in menu plans/workouts, etc... called &she is thinking of doing marathon too! So we are gonna get together & I want to show her training schedule I found plus see if she can help me tweak menu plans.

Good week overall at work! Went by quickly! That was nice-especially on Thursday & Friday!

Friday, went out w/girlfriend - We Had FUN! We danced & danced! I got my sweat on too a little bit! There were 2 shows - one a jazz violinist - great! He is only like 18yrs old! then the old R/B group Silk! Man that was FUN!! To hear some of their old songs!
It was an all white affair - everyone was supposed to wear all white - many more did than I thought & it made the night even more fun! I had my all white outfit on & my GOLD shoes & gold/white accessories! It was FUN to dress up like that!

Well, just wanted to catch up on my week! Good week - Good friends - Good health - Good Life!! Lots to be thankful for!
Have a GREAT weekend! Off to read & start to prepare for final!

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