Saturday, August 2, 2008

This Week....

This week was a LONG one! I was so happy to have not only Friday get here but also the start of a new month!
I like new beginnings and this month started off feeling on that note.

School was all I did from last Sunday through Thursday night. I had my final exam in one class so I was focused on it all week long. By the time Friday got here I was tired & ready to get that exam over with.

All my hard work during the week paid off!! I got a 94!!!!! YEAHH & an A in the class!! I was happy & glad b/c I could mark that one off the list for this summer! One down & one more to go! 2 more weeks in this class! I can celebrate then!!

Sunday & Monday I was able to get a work out in. But Monday was tough. Because of time issues. This was my first week starting to prepare for the 1/2 marathon. So it was good that I started before the 1st b/c it gave me a good picture of what challenges face me with work, home, school, and working out. I was able to figure out when I can work out & when I just cannot.

I went online & got a training schedule for a 1/2 marathon, its very helpful. With the way it is scheduled the training stops about a 1-2 weeks before my actual marathon date, so with school factored into that time I should be right on track.

This week focusing on cooking my own food & preparing snacks for work has paid off. Plus, before I would occasionally let myself have something a little guilty, which is not bad but now I have cut that back. I just say "is it REALLY worth it?" In most cases - NO. This really helped when I was focusing on my eating habits in the past so I am putting it into practice again.

I weighed myself this morning and lost almost 2 full lbs!! WOOO HOOO!! It was great to see a small reward!! Its little goals toward a bigger one that I find real motivation in!!

Have a GREAT weekend!!


Vera said...

Congrats Debbie on your class and your weigh-in! You are doing great with setting your goals! :-)

Yvonne said...

That is so cool that you are so focused in your training. What website did you go to to get your training schedule? I decided to keep working out too. So eventhough I won't be doing a 1/2 marathon I think the training will be good for me.

Congrats on the weight loss. Just remember you have people cheering you on.