Friday, June 27, 2008

Ah........What's A Single Gal to Do?!?!?!

Got a call from a GF...hey want to have some drinks Thursday? Was thinkin' bout happy hour at WildFish? Oh!!! That sound GOOD! Never been & you like it there!!

Oh....ladies, let me tell you...them GOLD shoes would have been SO on for tonight!! But I was doin' just fine in my sweet lil' strappy 9West! (new LUV 'em! w/their FUNKY heel!!)

My GF & I talked to some FUN gals & then they were kind enough to offer their seats at the bar as they left. Next was Just TOO Much Fun! I struck a conversation w/2 girls next to me...& turns out after one, Brenda, said "hey, here's my # you seem like a lot of fun & we can hang out" that when I saw her business card "I said you work at ..., yes, Oh, my gosh, do you know Ty?" Then ROARS of laughter between us both!! All I have to say is WHAT A SMALL DANG CITY THIS IS!! So she remembered me from an 80's party...& now, I have a new buddy to hang with! We both are gonna call Ty & say guess who I met! LOL!! He will let out a HUGE laugh knowin' him!!! GREAT FUN!!

Then..........oh, radar was on!! Hey...there are 2 TDHs (code for Tall Dark n' Handsome) that walked in! I told my GF...Oh, they made their way our direction! Oh, then Miss B she unknowingly supplied the conversation starter! And then it was on!! We talked, talked, drank, talked, ate, talked a bunch more!! I got to meet someone tonight & it was so much FUN!! We laughed, shared & had a WONDRFUL time!!

It is those unexpected moments when life, fate, higher powers, work that SPECIAL magic they have & toss something so nice & unexpected your way! It really makes you take pause & appreciate people & enjoy the moment!

Here's to you my GF,WildFish, Brenda & my special agent 006 (u know you u be!)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Talk about STRESSINNNNNN'!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was really stressing & I guess mostly upset with myself that I took almost all of last week off & didn't not give my schoolwork the attention it needed. So, this past weekend and yesterday & today I have been making up for precious lost time. The exam closes this Friday & it was getting down to the wire.

I knew this exam would be difficult but it was much more than I expected. For that reason I knew in advance I wanted to take this one 2x. The prof lets you take the exam twice & she takes the highest score.

Well, I took it and got a 90!!!!!!!!!!

I was so nervous when I clicked that Done button & waited for the score to pop up!! When I saw that 90 I was relieved beyond words. The TA showed me how to see what modules the questions are in that I missed. I took the rest of the evening off from school - & tomorrow I will be hitting those 3 modules like crazy!

My plan is to take it on Thursday & pray that I can retain this all & pull up that 90 to maybe a 94 ~~ that would be fantastic!!

Even BETTER news.......I did very well today on my eating!! YEAHHH!! I had my 5-6 small meals. Good choices & I made everything!! No fast food or processed. Lots of fresh veggies & fresh fruit!! My only vice was suckin' on starlight mints while I studied!! :)

Tuesday was a GOOD day!! Hope your was TERRIFIC too!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008


So this was the end to the 1st week of the 6 wk challenge. It went fairly well until Saturday night & today. Saturday night I got lazy - bought a frozen pizza(havent had that in FOREVER) & proceeded to eat all but 2 slices - my dogs got the last 2 slices. WOW!! Where did that come from?!

Then Sunday afternoon got tough for me...I had an appetite but not for anything healthy, I wanted carbs!!!!! My body was craving them!! I had chips n' salsa - not too many but I had it 2x(afternoon & eve), 2 apples, 8 oz lite yogurt, darn cannot recall some of the other things I snacked on through out the day.

Well, needless to say it was not a great weekend. But I have an answer - not an excuse b/c I should have tried to have more self cycle. (hope not TMI for some of you - got to be honest so I can work thru this stuff). Right before & first day or so - I am a eating machine---nothing seems to satisfy me. That is how I felt this evening! I was constantly standing at the pantry looking for "something"!! Why do we do that!?! Silly.

So, I am glad Monday is almost here. I will go to work, get a workout in, and hit my schoolwork tomorrow night. This was only 2 days. And I know what to do to get back on track. That is why I try to practice what I preach - take it 1 day at a time.

Here is to being honest - not letting this have any power over me b/c now these words are in cyberspace for ALL the world to see! :) Seriously, no problem to get back on track.

Here is to tomorrow ~ a new day ~ a new outlook. ;)

Love My Sundays....

Sundays - Love my Sundays. I find them to be a relaxing day for me.
Here are my rituals:
I love to be up early enough to watch Sunday Morning on CBS. It is SUCH a GREAT show & has so many interesting segments. Plus, one of my favorites is a segment they have at the start of every Summer. Reporter Bill Flannagan lists his choices for Best CDs for Summer 2008. Last year I got turned onto Leela James (wonderful artist!) and this summer it is LIZZ WRIGHT!!
The Orchard is the name of the CD but I have listened to some of the older stuff & I AM HOOKED!!!
If you LOVE music like I do - You MUST check this Lady out!!

~~Of course, while watching this show I am usually having my weekend morning traditional omelet. A new fav is egg whites, grilled onions, bell pepper, mushrooms, put some avacado & feta cheese on before bout ready to fold it. Then on the side, this may sound weird, but a little light sour cream! YUMMY!!

Next Ritual: Once this show is over with, the radio goes on to Sunday Morning Jazz with David Munoz. A local radio station plays jazz & if you know me you know I LOVE JAZZ - (again Music - starting to see a theme there?!)
I will start to do stuff around the house, clean, wash, etc.... while listening to my jazz!

During the day I do errands and what not but the last ritual of my day is to watch 60 Minutes. Now not always do they have some real gripping stories, but I try to be an informed individual and I enjoy watching some of their segments. (Andy Rooney - could REALLY live without his commentary)

What are your Sunday rituals?????? Whatever they are make them YOURS & ENJOY!!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Its the WEEKEND!!!

Saturday is finally here! I had to work a job fair this morning so I am bout to get outta these clothes & get me some lunch!
My first week ended of the 6 wk challenge! I kept my food diary all week long - even when I had chips & guacamole! (in moderation) I worked out 3x & would like to get one workout in either today or Sunday.

I am really motivated to see results and re-commit. I have been keeping a journal whenever the mood strikes and I want to incorporate that and my food diary into an album for this challenge. Just havent figured out quite what I want to do!
This was a good week! I really feel happy & blessed. Work is going well. My health always keeping it at the forefront & my family is well & I have some good friends in my life.

I saw a quote on a blog from one of the ladies in the challenge,
and I really loved it. You know me and quotes ~~ LOVE 'em! Its a new Fav! Here is the quote:

"We either make ourselves happy or miserable. The amount of work is the same." Carlos Castaneda

Thursday, June 19, 2008

New Blog for a New ME!

This was long over due!
I liked my other blog but it was not me....or at least not me now! This week I started a 6 week challenge/makeover and I decided last night it was a PERFECT time to re-do my blog!
So here it is!! The new & improved blog just like the new & improved ME!
I LOVE this one SOOOO much more!! I cannot wait to start using it to capture me & what has been going on.

Yes, I am {EMBRACING} who I am!! WHo I have become! This is so liberating!!
As a single woman I want to trace what it is like to walk in my shoes. Or in similar steps that some of my single girlfriends take .... We are NOT alone!! There are MANY of us out there! You know who you are!! & its time for us to be DAMN PROUD of it! :)

Here's to many more posts to come!! :)