Sunday, July 27, 2008

Follow Your Heart

I finished it!!
I wanted to make a journal to use while I prepared
for the 1/2 marathon. It is important for me to have a place to write. Write what I ate, how I am feeling, what activity I did, my stats, etc... I think it will help me stay on track.

This is exciting! & I am LOVIN' how my journal turned out! Thanks to Barb & Cathy for letting me bounce things off of them while I was working on it. :)

Tonight I met my girlfriend at the park and we walked - well I walked she walked and ran. She is doing great in preparing for this marathon! It is great to have someone along for this journey! Support is wonderful! Plus, I got some AWESOME steps in on my pedometer! I have already earned one $25 gift card & am ready to get the next, $50!!

I posted some pics of it & some of the pages I put a few things on. I have some embellishments ready to be added when I start actually journaling. I wanted to share this with you. Also, I have put more pics on my SIStv profile - I'd love for you to check 'em out!


Saturday, July 26, 2008

White Chocolate in the Sky

There it is!! My "White Chocolate in the Sky"!!
Okay, there is a story to this. I am getting ready to start to train for that 1/2 marathon in November. So I figured - time for a new pair of shoes!! Plus, it will get me motivated & I really did need them.
I go to an athletic store & start looking at shoes. I am stuck between 2 pairs - this & another. So I ask the salesperson some questions & I can really tell the difference in how this shoe feels over the other. More support in mid-sole.
I ask his opinion & he said you should get the "white chocolate in the sky"? I am like "HUH???" He said that's the name of the shoe!! Of course, it is the Gel 1130 but its also called that. I said there it is! It feels better & it has a fun name! Perfect name for me! So that is the shoe!! LOL!!
It is a great feeling shoe! Glad with my purchase & I think the name is fun & will keep me motivated!

My MP3 player is going to get an overhaul this weekend - new jams! I was talking w/good girlfriend, Chriselda, & she is the Queen of Playlists for music & I mentioned to her she came to mind when I was thinking about new music to work out to. So I will create some playlists to keep all my fav jams to get sweatin' to!

Here it goes!! My training officially starts this week! I am nervous, a little scared, I have never done anything like this but I am excited too! I have a couple girlfriends who are doing it too so that will be great to have that support. We do not live all that close but on weekends we may be able to workout together from time to time.

YIKES!! Here I go! (as I bite my nails!!) such a me trait!
Hope you all have a GREAT weekend! HUGS!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

New Orleans - Album!!

I have been working on my New Orleans book when I get a chance on the weekends to scrap - well it is 98% done!!!

YEAHHH!! Here are some of the pics of it!! I just LOVE how it
turned out! This book came together so easily & it was one of the best times making it that I've had!!
To see many more of the pics from the NOLA album visit my profile at SISTv. I
have them all posted there!
Enjoy & have a GREAT Saturday!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Motivation.....for 1/2 Marathon

The stars all must be aligned to some degree...neat things are happening with regard to this 1/2 Marathon I am going to attempt.
Last night while scrapping, girlfriend of mine, Miss Barbara, said that she would be interested in doing it. It will be GREAT to have a friend along for this journey to keep each other motivated. So I was excited about that happening for us.

Then today I was talking to an old friend of mine, we catch up about each weekend or so...Miss Scarlett. I mentioned that I wanted to try a 1/2 Marathon in November. She said me too!! Then we both mentioned the same name of the 1/2 Marathon!! It was hilarious!! She commented that we both have been on the same journey regarding our weight, health, etc... So we exchanged ideas, etc.. & will get together soon to review what we are or will be doing.

This really was exciting & very motivating to me!! I am ReADY to get this started!!!

Have a GREAT day!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

New Challenge!!

This week has been a LONNNNNNG one! I am glad tomorrow is Friday!! Started my new class this week & it will be lots of studying/reading, but I think I have a plan down for it & my other class.

On to my challenge ~ for myself. This November will mark 2 years of my weight loss journey. So to get motivated & stay focused I decided to give myself a goal to reach by the week of Thanksgiving~~ to have lost 15 lbs. This will be a challenge b/c I have hit a standstill for the most part - that wonderful brick wall when it comes to weight loss.

Then, I was talking with a lady from work today & she has really been working to increase her daily steps - we got pedometers from our Wellness program at work, I am our department's "champion" as we are called. Any who...she got back today from vacation & said she couldn't wait to show me...she pulled up her daily steps for this past week & increased by almost 3x the # of steps from where she was a week ago!! She has been working SO hard!! So, we started talking more & I told her my challenge, then she shared something with me she "thought" maybe about doing.....a 1/2 marathon (you can walk it too she said-doesn't have to be ran). She pulled up the website and we checked it out.....I told her lets do it!!!! Are you serious? Yes, I told her......I will do it if you will & she gave me a HUGE smile & said ok, lets do it!

This will be PERFECT timing b/c the marathon is in November also!! November 16th! Right on track for my weight loss goal! This has me PUMPED!! I have never been a runner & am not sure I will run, I may try it out for part of the marathon, but I want to do it for me & to help motivate the lady at work. She is overweight & has some health issues that I am sure have a lot to do w/her weight. She understands this too but has not been able to get motivated. I know how hard it can be. But I saw something different in her eyes today.......a fire!! And I know what that can become when ignited!! Once she gets stoppin' her! It will be great to have a "buddy" to exercise with. That makes it more fun!
SA Rock n Roll Marathon - there will be bands along the route & it just sounds like tons of fun!! Check out the website if you can!

Now, I am off to read for tomorrow's class! Have a GREAT night!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

A la Samantha - My {Inspiration}

When I saw Samantha in the SATC movie sportin' her cute headbands, I wanted one. I found one and had it for awhile, last week I was determined to wear it. And to complete the outfit ~~ Yes, the GOLD shoes!! It was the finishing touch!!

I wasn't sure about the headband but I figured I would go for it. I got lots of compliments & then an oh so extra special one at the end of the day. As myself & a couple of girls were leaving for the day one complimented me & the other said, "you know who she looks like? Samantha from Sex & the City"!!! Oh that just made my day! I said"there you go! Thats the look I was going for!" We all talked some more. It was fun! & we laughed & it was just great! 3 women just passing out compliments & enjoying each other - not hating, no digs, all genuine.

, this post is in honor of you & thanks for the uplifting words & support! Here is my "hot" dress & even better those gorgeous GOLD shoes that help this Single Woman be a Single Woman!! Thanks Y~it really means a lot!
Girl, I want to see your "hot" dress & the beautiful you in it!! I know you have one too! {smile}

Saturday, July 5, 2008

A Single Gal's Saturday Night

If you're single you understand these kind of nights all too well. Tonight was one of them for me. I was stood up, which I fully expected. That was not the shocker. But it may have been the icing on the proverbial wedding cake.

It was one of those oh so lonely nights that us single women have from time to time. Most nights are fine & I do not think about it but then again there are those nights that just hit you like a brick wall.

All day long I kinda laid around. Accomplished nothing other than backing up files on my computer & going for a workout. So I decided to get a sad, weepy girlie movie. I had heard good things about PS I Love You. Just the kinda "have your Kleenex box handy" movie I was looking for. And it did not disappoint.

I have heard more times than I really care to hear anymore that - "you do not want one of these" - "why do you want to get married?" or any other version you know of. If you are single you have heard most of them & know EXACTLY what I am talking about.

Bottom line....those who offer that bit of "advice" (if you will-or lack there of) are not in the relationship they want so its easier to discourage someone else b/c they are only relating it to what they are presently experiencing. But I think they are truly happier not to be where I am. Otherwise, they would get out of what they are in.

This is tough. If you have not been single within the last 5 - 10 years then I do not have the energy to hear it. It is not the same as it was when you were last single. It cannot compare. We are at different places in our life, age, everything than 10 years ago.

Being the hopeless romantic I am, I still believe that I will still find {LOVE}. I have to believe. If not then I will end up jaded like other women & I do not want that for myself. The negative energy is too consuming. So I put another notch in my lipstick case, put on my SINGLE WOMAN'S SHOES and get out there!

It IS hard being a single woman & you are damn straight - you have to have some PRETTY special shoes!! Do not slow down girl -- your time will come. BELIEVE!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!!

Glitter Graphics
Happy 4th of July!!
I hope that each of you are able to spend time with your loved ones!!
Most importantly, please do not forget the troops who are fighting for our FREEDOM abroad.
If you know someone or see someone who is actively serving in the Armed Forces this weekend, take a few seconds & say "THANK YOU".
It really does make a difference to them! & you will in return feel even more PROUD to be an AMERICAN!!
Celebrate our Freedom & Celebrate Safely!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Another Test Down....

I have been studying for another test for the past few days - hard core! This evening I took the exam & got a 94!!! YEAHHHHH!! I was VERY pleased!
Then the TA says...You know it closes on the 11th? HUH?! Did the prof change the syllabus? No. So we take a look & low & behold the test closes on 7/11! LOL!!
Oh well! ALL GOOD! Now I have 3 weeks to start on the next one before it closes!! Which is actually a blessing since he told me this exam will be the hardest.

Next Wednesday another class starts so I will have to REALLY manage my time well. So this extra time will be wonderful to have & not feel too rushed.

I have been trying to continue to eat well. Trying to fit exercise in there somewhere, but its getting harder and harder. I worked out on Monday & hope to tomorrow also. Portion control some days continues to be a struggle but I am still working thru it.
One day at a time! Thats all I can do. Just continue working on it. It takes 21 days to change a habit or make a new one & next Monday will be my 21st day! :)

Here's to making new changes~all the time!