Saturday, August 16, 2008

Yeahhhhh!! I can Breathe now!

Its been one LONG week! But its finally over with!
My last class ended this week! Wooo hoooo!! 3 classes completed since the end of May!! I did it!! :)
I had to work this Saturday but I am gonna ENJOY the next 2 days off!! I cannot wait! Some me time - finally! I have lots of housework to catch up on but that okay! No school work!
Got a long needed work out in today after work! It was great! I ran 15 minutes on the treadmill!! I was so happy!! I could have gone a little more but didnt want to push it! Will get back in there tomorrow!
Off to ENJOY my weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Hey honey! Woo-Hoo on being finished for least for now. It's a great feeling when you're all done.

I'm proud that you are still working out. Are you still running the marathon? Good luck and remember take it one day at a time